Times Comments 27/05

paul martin
4 min readMay 28, 2020


He is looking more and more lightweight…

What like Alan Titchmarsh — how can you tell from that old photo ?

->Malcolm Lines

I don’t care

But you clearly do. Though I suspect that the likes of Hancock and the next “presser” chair “don’t”. The chatterati look quite lame, blowing themselves out on a now tired matter such as this.

In Scotland the distraction from: Care Homes, Nike, Education, Lockdown relaxation etc is welcome relief to the SNP.

Yes, short and sweet. As opposed to the mega-rage on the Times website yesterday. The comments in a day record must have been broken several times.

→Londoner I wonder if you would put the “relatives of the wife” at risk when there was a gated farm available as demonstrated by the door-stepping camera crew of Sky News TV who like, “perhaps nobody else”, had popped up to County Durham to get a tiny video clip

You omit consideration of size of nationalist countries. Is/was Scotland too small in this pandemic specifically is there a lack of talent ? The Chief Scientific Officer, who is a Gravitation expert, was on the COVID19 session of the Scottish Parliamentary Committee yesterday struggling to answer the questions. To be fair her academic colleague with “Health” in his title was also off his game.

Looking out for number one in a Covid world

Surprisingly, we do have the number one world class expert in the area: Professor Hugh Pennington, CBE, FRCPath, FRCP (Edin), FMedSci, FRSE

Replace PM with FM, and UK with Scotland, ratchet the qualifiers down eg for “area managers..” substitute “cathedral clerk” The performance of our umpteen layers of government from the EU to the local City Council makes the case for anarchy. Never mind, after weeks&weeks when you could not get hold of a 19pence facemask for love nor money you can get one for a couple of quid, or more

I have been to the battle site of Culloden several times. I cannot imagine holidaying there as it is cold & grim even when the weather elsewhere in Inverness is good.

→ Erm

MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) = Euthansia ?

Obviously this urgent change of English law to a ‘new normal’ needs to have safeguards, including — but not restricted to — to be both supervised by two independent

and qualified General Practitioners (GPs)

I remember this (sort of) for Abortion and how easy such was abused. Hence your “…English County Court Judge or similar, for full legal permission for life and death decisions in that context”.

Is it necessary to bring such a subject up now …

Indeed on FMQs just now she has been given a “in” by Willie Rennie to comment (again) on a political advisor of another country, as she regards it.

As has been said previously there would have been wide spread moaning if Boris had spoken on Ms Calderwood

persuade any reasonable bank executive

Not sure since 2008 & going on their contribution of late that I would want to talk to any bank exec never mind go to the trouble of putting together an argument

Are you referring to Godel or to shallower “puzzles”

Not sure if you are referencing Hofstadter book on Gödel, Escher, Bach but of the 3, I appreciate ESCHER and his visual puzzles and note there are, in that book, puzzles on Bach (it says on Wikipedia) but since I am not a classical fan, meh. Godel was at Princeton and clearly bright so I will say his work was possibly at the back of my mind but I would not want to put together an argument as that would require some background research.

Differences in perspective can be objective. Perspective is different in kind from objectivity/subjectivity.

However, perspective is right up my street — being into Lighting R&D & Art as well. Obviously there is pre Durer then the photographic revolution which beat Vermeer and since we have various Water colourists.

However I reckon we will have to disagree since in opposition to the Option ‘b’ lockdown scenario choice I will stick with my (A) — Truth is subjective, as is Perspective

(Have a good one)