Times Comments 23/05

You only have to look north of the border to see a (yet) more alleged careful approach. First: the FM says schools will not return until August, but then they will in June for Teachers and transition pupils (ie the same as England). Second: the ERG, educational stakeholders including Unions/Government/.., has without the usual consultation or email to decided that the actual date will be one week earlier for most schools in Scotland thereby lopping a week off entitlement, reimbursement days TBA.

Maybe we’re not oing on a summer holiday despite the Union welcoming the clarity provided by the FM that schools will not open until after the summer holidays.

“Reposted — went to pending for some reason…can’t see too much contentious content myself, but there you go...” It’s my fault I am on a list.

There are a lot of people who are paying the balance and taking a chance. My theory is that the intermediary will treat long term customers well. (I know that does not help you, in your particular circumstances)

Iansimpson666: My choice is, lose £450 of the £600 Deposit, or risk nearly £3,000 more to see what happens. I told TUI, to tell Hoseasons, I would take vouchers or book another holiday at a later date, but they said either pay up or lose it.

SteveinCambridge ok — not sure if that’s good news or bad, but thanks for the info! —

I can get frustrated on Sunday when my Treaty of Arbroath update comment for the letters page gets held up for hours. Last week it was one on prog-rock

**What’s the Deal With Coronavirus and Surfaces

But it was started 6 weeks ago two weeks after the Lockdown began and (crucial added colourful detail) there has been “A second coffee machine installed in the main area of work. Where once only filter coffee was on offer, a capsule machine provides extra capacity to aid civil servants with depleted caffeine levels.”

Yes, the professors of Oxford are having “a good war”.

Gupta, via unherd dot com, has broken cover to pre-publicize the 2nd wave of her “we were infected last year” theory, but sort of undermines any evidence by saying the international studies of (old) Antibody testing are prone to error .

Alister Jack, not of Oxford but 500 or so miles north is calculatingly drawing the SNP fire by conspicuously breaking the Scottish Lockdown. MPs are key workers though but not Teachers so there is extra pressure for the northern Lockdown to be lifted on May 28 otherwise there will be no partial school return in June.

So it was her decision, fair enough. A day or so back it was the responsibility of …..

— -


Not a lot of love in the comments for the FM. Hey ho….


Pual Martin: but as a tactic to flush out and count the opposition ….



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