Times Comment 26/5

There was a huge Lewis Capaldi concert in the new, now empty, spare Exhibition Centre in Aberdeen. I remember it being one of the last, but short, conversations I had with those beyond these 4 walls.

A slightly more subtle SNP puff piece

→ Ron Lander “well-informed individuals” aka SNP members


She was at home on a Saturday evening when she took a call with the results: of the eight tests, six were positive.

So roundabout March 12/13, ten days before Lockdown, testing at Care Homes was being done. But not, later, in the NHS “without performing any kind of risk assessment (Covid-19 testing)” when removing bed blockers. Someone must have known how much CV19 was in the NHS …

Sir David King, a former chief scientific adviser, said he was worried the government’s defence of Dominic Cummings, who travelled from London to Durham while sick, could make their job harder.

Dave, stick to the Science. You undermine your msg if you jump on the bandwagon

1>Karen McEvoy This was not a Ms Calderwood (CMO Scotland) weekend moment who would look down the camera and say one thing and within hours do the opposite.

This was a sickening Dad having to make decisions about his family.

I am not privvy to the discussions twixt his Dad in Durham, him and the Police who his Dad called to discuss the matter. He drove, not stopping for petrol, so did his best not to spread the virus. I know little else of this panto with Bishops, Gary Linneker and Uncle Tom Cobblers lining up to sell newspapers in some cases, keep their salaries in others.

Of course “Children learn behaviour from there parents” & “by example” but we are human and Boris standing by his man and Grant Shapps taking a bullet for the rest tells me who’s team I want to be on.

And its not some chap who emphasises the “importance of transparency” then makes videos private on YouTube



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