Spring Break 2022 #3 (17/1/22)

We had an Aberdeen family meeting a week or so ago

Friday March 11 is the proposed start of the 3 night long weekend with Nana and the twins in a Scottish Lodge. The date was selected as proximate to an Alumni lecture in Durham earlier in that week.

The latest idea was that Erica, assuming that by then she is back in London, could escort Nana in First Class by pick-up, & return her to P’boro railway station.

Previously Janet had volunteered to do, at least, one leg of ferrying Nana to Berwick. This was possibly going to be the homeward bound one as Paul was destined to be in north east England for the aforementioned Durham meet up. Janet has decided to do both legs — update

Accomodation booked. Transport details can be firmed up as the Omicron situation becomes clearer.



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