Rules of Zoom #draft

(just a few from me)

No bobbing

If you do have to leave your seat, please let us know why and when/if you will be back


is a virtue. If you are host you should turn up a few minutes early since tech can be flakey.


Stick to a strict length of 35 mins to stop people sitting there with coats on,at the end. It should also avoid off screen participation.

Agenda #jobsforthehost

Everyone has their 5 mins and the ability to put an item up for discussion

Post-meet Mins #jobsforthehost

A summary of what was agreed by X to do

Organised calendar of who is the Host #jobsforthehost

Proper Chairman & Vice Chairman

A couple of red cards to wave when certain people cross the line

NB Listening keeps coming back as a core skill we must constantly refine.