RI Christmas 2021Virus Lectures

Prof Cath Noakes (Mechanical Eng)

“Coughs & Sneezes “, Hand washing,

Aerosol lifetime — 100um:a minute, 30um (smaller than u can see):few minutes wind — easily inhaled, 5um:upto an hour, 0.3um: proteins and fat surround virus particle

Prof Jonathan Reid

Less than a teaspoon of virus in the world

Do an ahhh — generated 50x more mass

30x more virus when singing 1000 fold difference

The next big question — MASK

1870 Prof Tindall filter infection

N95 mask 3 layers

Masks not only — Ventilation flush scale model plume Bloomberg

Prof Julia Gogg: Aero biology + math modelling

R- 1 ro 5

R for measles over 15

MAths of bubble/Herd Immunity

Wifi-wars r=0 white, r=1 yello 2 blue

Start: avg -0.8/3/ r=0.8 for structured group Interesting was pysch

Mixing is a party popper stadium risky pubs — Euros had an impact cos of pubs = simultaneous. Football games can be safe if properly controlled — events across the whole nation eg Hogmannay

( Biggest weapon still vaccines … next )

#1 What is a Virus (not Prof S Gilbert)

Influenza RNA 30k letters (1Mbyte) Host

3 bn letters (3 Gb)

Children have less ACE receptors

Immune System

Two litres of mucous/Antibodies/B(?) Cells/Plasma Cell/Killer T Cells

Vaccines train immune system memory AZ-

Malaria vaccine

Prof Rabi Gupta: HOW to know BEEN INFECTED

PCR — genetic ID not quickest replicator

HIV (Dr Lee) — SambaII

Dr Clare Guest Dog smeller




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