QUIZ Guidelines

There will be as many Question rounds as Zoom locations of 5 questions each — a maximum of 5 minutes duration. The locations’ local Martin family member/designated host to devise the Q&A; please ensure that the answers are not too complex — clearly it will not be possible to enforce a no-internet-use-rule; a round-theme would be nice (geographical ?); no debate over the correctness of answers, whatever is provided it is.


Sunday 27 December, 2pm GMT seems to be the best (Andrew seemed keen on that day) 10pm Singapore, 8am Houston. NB Post 9am family zoom which enables last minute preparation & check on attendance. Also a fairly flexible day for many timewise and I suggest Christmas Day is problematic & so

Zoom details: Two sessions, but it may be possible to complete in one

Answers: Please email questions & answers, on the day just prior to event to Erica just in case of technical problems

PS No pressure if you just want to watch and are currently too busy or scheduled with other things



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