NHSApp — Times:13–05

I met him one lunchtime at THORN EMI Central Research in 1985ish- he barely said a word. I have read his biography (by Steve Bates) & just last week the biography of his co-winner of the Nobel Prize: Alan Cormack

I have a few apps: AlertSwiss (a DP3t version) for one, and all that says is “No notification”. There is a map with ! on a couple of Cantons, but my German is not up to decoding more. According to CovidPaths, from the Mayo Institute, I have not been in contact with a carrier either — & that’s all it does So: “A great way of pulling the wool over the population’s eyes.” is a bit harsh. No news is good news.

I prefer the term “Paranoid”, but they do say that only the Paranoid survive



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