Learn Python for free

A beginners guide to (a variety of) Python learning resources: Syntax+Development Environments+ howto program

paul martin
2 min readMay 23, 2023

Syntax: language key words plus structure, see:

Development Environments also known as IDEs eg Idle, VSCode, PyCharm, Replit.

You usually need to load files and run to get ready. Some description on python.org. EXAMPLES:

Try Replit

SIMPLE: https://www.online-python.com/

How to actually code in Python

  • ** Look at way program is constructed,
  • Best to follow Real Python …. See what’s free (costs: £24.99/month)


Write a simple Python program to print the square number 4 as a die face

Conclusion (including issues)

It is worth searching for “Learn how to code in Python”. There are a variety of materials especially on YouTube

Just do it whilst your young it will be a good investment.

One problem is that there may be too much extraneous information before you become a proficient programmer.

Other Helpful:




(To write a program need to breakdown problem into steps, see what data structures are required and produce an algorithm to solve the problem)


print(“. .\n. .”)