Invigilators: checking things are Right

Highlights in SQA Invigilator Handbook for Training session

paul martin
2 min readOct 18, 2022

Right Materials … As you make your way with an armful of QPs (Question Papers), answer books etc. Let’s turn to <<pg 42>> in the Invigilator Handbook to inspect an example daily timetable. When you come to invigilate check the contents of that day’s page and ensure that you carry the correct paperwork to the exam room.

There are various abbreviations: large AH/H/N5 printed on the Exam front page that represent the level: ie Advanced Higher, Higher and National 5; 7 digit codes provide references (76=Higher); a key before the start of the list highlights the meaning of other abbreviations. In addition there is extra information listing relevant requirements/instructions that may need to be given by the invigilator before the start of the exam, for example “read the instructions carefully”, language CD required...

Take a moment to flick through some other timetable pages.

What is missing are the actual exam room, number of students, such will be provided

Right Room …. Most exams take place in large halls, eg Games Hall(GH) but there are some students who have extra assessment arrangements. Turn to <<Appendix 1 on pg 73>> it lists such assessment arrangements from scribes, to CD, extra exam time… The latter may have different reasons but the

Right students Stuck to the exam room door is the register which lists those attending — candidates tick their names off to indicate presance on entry. There will often be a member of staff hanging round to see who has not made it and whether they are running late and can be encouraged to turn up. If not their absence has to be noted — but remember they have 30 mins grace.

There will also be a seat layout map to give a room preview and where the students are to be located.

Exam Preparation Exam materials (QPs, data booklets etc) are put on the desks before the students are admitted.

Exam introduction <<Turn to page 15>> Prior to the arrival of all students those present can fill in the front cover of their answer book with Name, SCN and DOB (not the actual exam date). Then after briefly highlighting the exam to be taken verbatim instruction with regard to mobile phones is read out and any other information given — key being the time of the end of exam.

During exam <<Turn to page 16>> Unless Fire alarm/illness, no early departure is allowed but those who have extra time can leave at normal time if they like. Except ((section iii)) if candidate is ill and then you need to get CI who gets a member of staff, or <<page 19>> Disruptive.

Closing the exam. Give a 10 min warning, read instruction at base of page 19 then collect papers, arrange in alphabetical order for handing to CI. Nothing to be allowed to be taken away by students apart from personal stationery.