Graphene 3.0 — the foam

If only there had been a website for LBFilm gas detectors

Today’s (paywall) Times:

The website is as much a PR vehicle though there is a shop section with data sheet of a couple of products

Chemicals mentioned:

Prussian blue is a blue pigment produced by oxidation of ferrous ferrocyanide salts.

Strontium Nitrate is a red colorant and explosive.

Reference Electrode: Screen Printed Ag/AgCl aka Silver DAG

Cyclic Voltametery

Good luck to them. When I were a lad it were Langmuir Films for gas detectors. Now foams are where it’s at (eg Steve Mould’s latest YT video & Helen Czerski on bubbles & “normal” physics — Start the week on BBC R4, yesterday )

Also does Supercapacitors

This seems to be the new technology of the future with



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