early 2022-#edu+ @ tol snippets

Why not seize the opportunity of a modular exam structure, or a European-style baccalaureate?

Last time (idea from George Osborne) a windfall tax hit the North Sea various international companies withdrew from the area and local jobs were lost. In last night’s local paper the collapse of two large Energy companies is reported last year during the pandemic — I am certain others went under too. So my voting intention in the upcoming local elections in May gets easier. Not the anti SNP/Green, now nor Labour — the Hustings shd be interesting, if they take place

And this is mainly unwanted interference. Whenever one friend does this, her daughter cries “DNS, Mum!” — Do Not Solve. Listen without acting, or even giving advice. It’s my new year’s resolution: shut up, let them figure it out, DNS.

not backed by sufficient or credible evidence.



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