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My Covid19 App life — start to finish (so far)

paul martin
2 min readJun 2, 2020


I had 4 Apps on my android phone, beginning on May 3. They were: C-19; SafePath (not to be confused with the one of a similar name from Australia); Alert-Suisse, a DP3t one with nice Map in English; and NHS24 (old). I am still waiting for the NHSx one to appear outside Isle of Wight & a month later gave up.

3/5/20: C-19 (from King’s College)

Just two daily questions: Tested ? OK?

4/5/20: DP3T (not found yet — from

I could compile from GitHub

5/5/20: Safe Paths (from Mayo Clinic b4 the Oz same named app)

No one near you has CV19, but how do they know

6/5/20: NHS24 C-19 (not from Dominic’s mate

Just a symptom checker & info not found yet

My misc Times Comment:

Surprisingly I am with Ms Freeman on playing down the value of the (front end) app in the Test/Track/Trace/Isolate system. The Nike conference had delegates from around the world so they would have been unlikely to have had a standard proximity app, ditto for those tourists that they potentially came into contact with on the Tour etc.

No, as South Korea has shown, its the back-end legwork of tracking the people down who have been infected and interviewing them too etc. Thus it would appear that the Edinburgh local authorities (experts on doing similar for outbreaks of TB) were not diligent and missed all the people who are now coming forward, and made the wrong call on keeping it all quiet.