My algo experience

(Purchased elsewhere at a 25% discount to Amazon price which seems more common of late)

We had an Aberdeen family meeting a week or so ago

(relocated from Whitekirk Hill to North of Berwick)

Online xmas 2021 replies to Times columns #paywall


Jo wants to hold a “Ceilidh” to celebrate the end of Covid, and other things. As usual the key issues are date & location.


Plan a PATH …

Last night there was a chat about the options

Requirements, prioritised

  • An extra shower facility is necessary in case of failure of the Mira in the blue bathroom. I think that is a reasonably urgent concern.
  • Bath for bathing twins
  • Possible walk-in bath replacement for Mum so she can have baths. Update: “she does not want one”

Review of 2021 options

1. Shower at end of current blue bath

paul martin

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